Hi, you’ve reached the homepage of Daniel Balasubramanian. I’m a Research Scientist at the Institute for Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbilt University.

I’m currently working on a dynamic symbolic execution engine for Java, and I teach an undergraduate course on operating systems.

A few of the projects and tools I’ve worked on:

  • The DARPA STAC program aims to identify vulnerabilities in Java bytecode; our team is developing a dynamic symbolic execution engine capable of analyzing multithreaded programs, like webservers.
  • The Microsoft FORMULA tool does formal reasoning over domain-specific models.
  • The DARPA F6 project aimed at building a platform for fractionated satellites; I worked on some Linux kernel modifications.
  • The Graph Rewriting and Transformation Tool is a tool for building model transformations using graph transformations.
  • The Universal Data Model provides a programmatic interface (via C++) to a meta-programmable data model.